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Why a healthy 14 year-old boy is so tired everyday ?

Time:2009-03-23 14:56Source:Xiamen Daily Author:Linguifen Click:

    “That’s why?  we are really careless.” Yesterday , Mr. zhan and his wife are so happy because they finally understand why their son is so tired for a long time by Jin yigui Teacher's help.
Three days ago, Ms zhan came to this newspaper office anxiously with her son’s handwriting. His son, 14 years old boy, is a second grade student at middle school .

    Just in the beginning of the semester, his son is low-spirited all a day and often complains his tiredness. His appetite is not good and his teacher also said that sometimes the boy drops in a doze as soon as the class is beginning. At last his grade become poorer and pooer.

    Ms. Zhan is so anxious that she took his son to see the doctor many times and his son also has taken lots of medicines. but it does not work.

    The newspaper officer transferred his handwriting to Mr.Jin. After looking at his handwriting, Mr. Jin was so surprised and said “a 14 year-old child should not write such a handwriting ? Why ?”

    Mr. Jin said that the main feature of the boy’s handwriting is that the pen pressure is too light. Pen pressure is the pressure when writer is writing. In western countries, more than 300 year handwriting psychological research indicated that we can see his/her ability by his/her pen pressure. The light pen-pressure indicates that the ability is poor, otherwise is strong.

    This child's pen-pressure is light, but the stroke echoes is very actually good. This indicated that his intelligence quotient is good, but EQ is low;

    The reason why Chinese character pen pressure is light maybe his poor healthy or his vitality is insufficient. However, 14 year-old boy should be full of vigor. why his vitality is so deficient ? Mr.Jin thought there would be a hidden secret. It is necessary to carry on the psychological consultation face-to-face.

    Yesterday, under newspaper reporter's arrangement, Ms. Zhan led the son to the Xiamen Elementary and Middle Schools Psychological and Healthy Education Consultation Center. After face to face psychological counseling, the child told the truth: In the class some boys visit the dirty website, and he also visited. Finally , he was hooked by masturbation.

    The answer came out.  The chief criminal which leads to his low spirit is the excessive masturbation! After finding its origin, it is easy to use medicine. Mr.Jin reminds parents and the teacher, that adolescence sexy education and sexy psychological healthy education must be strengthened by all means .